Basic Example

Minimal example program that just loads an observation, fits all the spectra, and saves the results.

import eispac

if __name__ == '__main__':
    # input data and template files
    data_filepath = './'
    template_filepath = './fe_12_195_119.2c.template.h5'

    # read fit template
    tmplt = eispac.read_template(template_filepath)

    # Read spectral window into an EISCube
    data_cube = eispac.read_cube(data_filepath, tmplt.central_wave)

    # Fit the data, then save it to disk and test loading it back in
    fit_res = eispac.fit_spectra(data_cube, tmplt, ncpu='max')
    save_filepaths = eispac.save_fit(fit_res, save_dir='cwd')
    FITS_file = eispac.export_fits(fit_res, save_dir='cwd')
    load_fit = eispac.read_fit(save_filepaths[0])