eispac.core.read_cube(filename=None, window=0, apply_radcal=True, radcal=None, abs_errs=True, count_offset=None, debug=False)[source]

Load a single window of EIS data from an HDF5 file into an EISCube object

  • filename (str or pathlib.Path object) – Name of either the data or head HDF5 file for a single EIS observation

  • window (int, float, or str, optional) – Requested spectral window number or the value of any wavelength within the requested window. Default is ‘0’

  • apply_radcal (bool, optional) – If set to True, will apply the pre-flight radiometric calibration curve found in the HDF5 header file and set units to erg/(cm^2 s sr). If set to False, will simply return the data in units of photon counts. Default is True.

  • radcal (array_like, optional) – User-inputted radiometric calibration curve to be applied to the data.

  • abs_errs (bool, optional) – If set to True, will calulate errors based on the absolute value of the counts. This allows for reasonable errors to be estimated for valid negative count values that are the result of the dark count subtraction method (not bad or filled data). Default it True.

  • count_offset (int or float, optional) – Constant value to add to the count array before error estimate or calibration. Could be useful for testing data processing methods. Default is None (no count offset).

  • debug (bool, optional) – If set to True, will return a dictionary with the raw counts and metadata instead of an EISCube class instance. Useful for examining data files that fail to load properly.


output_cube – An EISCube class instance containing the requested spectral data window

Return type:

EISCube class instance