eispac.core.create_fit_dict(n_pxls, n_steps, n_wave, n_gauss, n_poly, data_units='unknown')[source]

Dictionary to hold the fit parameters returned by fit_spectra()

  • n_pxls (int) – Number of pixels along each data slit

  • n_steps (int) – Number of steps in the raster or sit-and-stare observation set

  • n_wave (int) – number of wavelength points

  • n_gauss (int) – Number of Gaussian functions in the combinted fit profile

  • n_poly (int) – Degree of background polynomial

  • data_units (str, optional) – String name of the data units (e.g. “counts”, “erg / (cm2 s sr)”, etc.) Default is “unknown”


output – Empty dictionary with the correct dimensions and keys for a fit result.

Return type: