eispac.core.multigaussian(param, x, n_gauss=1, n_poly=0)[source]

Multigaussian model with a polynomial background

  • param (array_like) – Model fit parameters. There must be 3*n_gauss + n_poly param values. For each Gaussian component, the parameters are assumed to have the order of [peak, centroid, width] for each Gaussian, followed by the polynomial terms (if any) in INCREASING order (e.g. c0, c1, c2)

  • x (array_like) – Independent variable values to evaluate the function at. For EIS data, this will usually correspond to wavelength values.

  • n_gauss (int, optional) – Number of Gaussian components. Default is “1”

  • n_poly (int, optional) – Number of background polynomial terms. Common values are: o (no background), 1 (constant), and 2 (linear). Default is “0”


f – Function evaluated at each x value

Return type: