eispac core

All functions and classes in core are loaded into the top-level eispac namespace. It is therefore recommended to access them via calls like eispac.FUNCTION() rather than eispac.core.FUNCTION()


create_fit_dict(n_pxls, n_steps, n_wave, ...)

Dictionary to hold the fit parameters returned by fit_spectra()

export_fits(fit_result[, save_dir, verbose])

Save fit line intensites, velocites, and widths to a .fits file

fit_spectra(inten, template[, parinfo, ...])

Fit one or more EIS line spectra using mpfit (with multiprocessing).

fit_spectra_astropy(inten, template[, ...])

Fit one or more EIS line spectra using mpfit.


Create an Astropy fitting model using a template intended for MPFIT.


Convert line IDs to filesystem-friendly strings


Generate a list of all template files that match an EIS file or window.

multigaussian(param, x[, n_gauss, n_poly])

Multigaussian model with a polynomial background

multigaussian_deviates(param[, x, y, error, ...])

Computes the deviates between a multigaussian model fit and input data.

read_cube([filename, window, apply_radcal, ...])

Load a single window of EIS data from an HDF5 file into an EISCube object

read_fit(filename[, verbose])

Load an EISFitResult object from an HDF5 file


Create EISFitTemplate from template file


Read the window information from an EIS HDF5 header file

save_fit(fit_result[, save_dir, verbose])

Save an EISFitResult object to an HDF5 file (or files)

scale_guess(x, y, param, n_gauss, n_poly)

Scale inital guess of multigaussian model parameters to data values


EISCube(*args, **kwargs)

EIS Level-1 Data Cube

EISFitResult([wave, template, parinfo, ...])

Object containing the results from fitting one or more EIS window spectra

EISFitTemplate(filename, template, parinfo)

Representation of fitting parameters for a particular line or lines

EISMap(data[, header])

EIS fit parameter map.

Class Inheritance Diagram

Inheritance diagram of eispac.core.eiscube.EISCube, eispac.core.eisfitresult.EISFitResult, eispac.core.read_template.EISFitTemplate, eispac.core.eismap.EISMap